Val’s Voice – April 1, 2007


Suze Orman breezed through town last month and what a whirlwind it was! She is quite the motivational speaker. I was moved to not only buy her book, but to start a savings account right then and there! (That is how I found out that Davis Kidd is strictly a BOOK store, NOT a BANK!) She was doing a book signing for her new book, "Women and Money". She says she is striving to ‘change the history’ of how women relate to their money. As you can imagine the audience was made up of mostly women, with a few sprinkles of men. 

For those of you who missed the ‘blip’ concerning her, Suze has come out of the closet that she was NEVER in! She has been gay all along (a "55-year-old virgin" as she put it), but she says no one has ever asked her about her sexuality. Imagine that!? Ellen says, "YEP, I’m gay!" and it is heard around the world, but poor Suze KICKS down the door and she is ‘barely’ recognized. Oh sure, some of you will say the hair gave it away a long time ago, but then again, did ANYONE think Billy Ray Cyrus was gay when he was seen touting that MULLET!? I think not…

For those of you who are not familiar with Suze, she has led an interesting life. Her partner travels with her, I am not sure what she does, (though I do know that she is wealthy in her own right too) besides opening the books for Suze to sign. Suze is definitely in favor of gay marriage stating that, without a marriage certificate, when she dies and leaves her money to her partner, anything over two million will be taxed. Which is truly a crime! Hey, looking on the bright side that is ONE problem I haven’t had to think about …yet.

till next time…