Val’s Voice (05/26/09)


We checked out the softball games this week. Actually, we got there in time for the last of a double header for, The EAGER BEAVERS. I am fairly certain that my cheerleading helped lead them to their win. It was a little difficult to get Al and Pega involved in doing the wave though. I think it was after I did the cart wheel that they finally got on board!  Star did an amazing job keeping score and Kat proved that catching is NOT an easy position to play when she was plowed over by a runner trying to score. She didn’t even cry when she was taping up her scraped up knee!

PRIDE held a fundraiser @ LIPSTICK Friday night. Ro-Jo and Company were quite fun! The twins put on quite a show and that was BEFORE they started to sing!  They are always fun and if you haven’t had the chance to hear them you really should get out there sometime. Rachel (Jonda’s girl) got up and sang back up. I was surprised, but maybe not as much as she was! Later in the evening they brought out their little baby, after making sure everyone put their smokes out. He is adorable!

Sooze was there, we spent most of the night waiting for Pam to show up, that’s why I am blaming her for my hangover. I surely would have left earlier, but I did want to catch a glimpse of her before I left. She said there is some thing going on at TRIBE on Weds., drink specials from 6-8, I guess I should have paid more attention, NEVERTHELESS… I think we will be in attendance. There was a Helia spotting, I haven’t seen her for years…or at least it seems that way. Abby told me that is where they met, so maybe it was some kind of anniversary outing? Steff Mahan rolled through…"have tongue will travel", right Steff? She wasn’t performing, just making the rounds and speaking in tongues, as usual. (see photo) BTW Steff will be performing at the National Women’s Festival in Madison WI July 2-5, 2009. For more info on this festival go to

We stopped by Johnny and Nissa’s campsite on Saturday night. It was a nice little outing, the weather was really nice and it was just like camping with all the comforts of HOME! Since they weren’t staying that far from the house, I slept like a baby that night! (in my OWN bed, of course!)

Unknown author: Communication Motivation Quotes
When you are arguing with a fool, make sure he isn’t doing the same thing.

If you want to check out more photos from LIPSTICK that night, please go to the photo gallery section.






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