Val’s Voice (02/01/08)

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The Nashville Pride January Jubilee turned out to be quite fun (especially for us!). I not only won the bid for a NASH TRASH TOUR, but I also won one of the door prizes, which was a weekend at the DOUBLETREE HOTEL downtown Nashville. That will be a weekend when I decide to play tourist in my own town. LA was the only woman to really bid in the live auction and she won a night at the OPRYLAND HOTEL including a spa treatment and massage at RELACHE’. Quite a value! The Pride folks considered the event to be a huge hit.

"I consider the January Jubilee a great success," said Pride Board member Todd Grantham. "I do believe 100 people attended the event. I would like to thank our sponsors Orbitz and the Radisson Hotel Nashville Airport and all the restaurants for their tasty menus. Thanks to all who braved the cold and attended to support Nashville Pride."

Speaking of being the only woman, as usual there were not that many women out, once again! It’s a good thing we have the gay guys to keep this "gay community" going, am I right fellas?

During the live auction, which David Allen did a "mav-elous" job, the sleep number bed was sold right out from under me (see photos right and gallery). Of course, I will admit when they started the bid at $1,000.00, I KNEW I wasn’t going to be sleeping in heaven after all!  However, that bed went for $1600, and it was a package that was worth $3,000. (Which included set up…not sure about anyone that was IN the bed when it was sold!)

They had quite a few good deals, including a trip to ARUBA, which went for about $1800 and a trip to Europe, which I believe went for about $2300 INCLUDING airfare?!? (Did I hear that right?) There were several great silent auction items to be had, including massage, clothes, hotel packages and a giant NESTLE CRUNCH BAR  that would take a month of Sundays and a FAMILY of chocoholics to finish it off!

I was delighted to see that RED had sent their delicious mac and cheese dinner over. They had a variety of other foods to sample from including, an offering from PM that I really enjoyed. I am not sure what it was called but it was great.  The chocolate from CHOCOLATE GRAPHICS was sensational, not to mention that you can have them engrave whatever you want your chocolate to say…hmm, an EXCELLENT Valentine’s idea, I might add.

I have to admit it was a very "civilized" auction, no tearing any wigs off, no cat fights over salon products, no flying food…DAMN! NO GOOD GOSSIP!! heh-heh Although, I did see BIANCA in a cowboy hat and jeans, I only recognized her from the voice. And, then there was MAC laying down on the job! But, even that doesn’t count since we ALL were trying out that bed, now if everyone had been in it at the same time…THEN we could talk!

Till next time…