Tennessee city becomes the first in the state to extend benefits to same-sex couples


Where is Collegedale you ask? Well, the small municipality put itself on the map this week by becoming the first city in Tennessee to extend benefits to same-sex couples for its city workers. In a 4-1 vote, the Collegedale County Commission voted in favor of extending benefits. And it's east of Chattanooga.

The singular no vote came from Collegedale Mayor John Turner, who according to The Chattanooga Times Free Press, voted no for 74 residents who told him  they opposed the plan.

The initiative was led by city police Detective Kat Cooper who was denied benefits for her partner Krista after they were married this spring in Maryland.

“It is such a huge weight off our shoulders,” Cooper said. “We don’t have to constantly worry about health expenses or sudden emergencies. It’s hard to explain how much this means to us.”

So what does the resolution say? Check it out in full below:



The tides are shifting fast. Today couples across Tennessee applied for marriage licenses. What's next Tennessee?

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