Taylor Swift has her critics, but the singer has a huge following and has increasingly been using that following to amplify her voice in Tennessee. For instance, her support of Phil Bredesen for Senate gave the politician an immediate boost at the polls. She’s also a prolific philanthropist, giving to a wide variety of charities. Today, the Tennessee Equality Project (TEP) received notification that Swift was donating $113,000 to the organization’s Foundation.


The TEP Foundation is the rights organizations educational arm, providing programming across the state to inform citizens. Chris Sanders, TEP’s executive director, said on announcing the gift.

“Taylor Swift has been a long-time ally to the LGBTQ community. She sees our struggle in Tennessee and continues to add her voice with so many good people, including religious leaders, who are speaking out for love in the face of fear. Tennessee Equality Project is honored and grateful to reveal Taylor Swift has made a donation of $113,000 to support our efforts at this critical moment.”

Such a gift is a huge windfall for the organization – equivalent to nearly an entire year of its operating budget – and will no doubt empower TEP to do a great deal for the LGBT community in Tennessee in the coming years.


Banner photo credit: Makaiyla Willis


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