Stocking stuffers to empower your life


If you are looking for that perfect stocking stuffer, Empowered Products may have just what you need.

Makers of personal lubricants and image-enhancing undergarments, Empowered Products offer something for men and women. Pink is a new condom safe lube designed for ladies; Stroke 29 Rocket Fuel is their premium high-end, long-lasting masturbation cream. Gun Oil Personal Lubricant is silicone-based, condom-safe lube and easy to wash off. Jack Jelly Head Spread is the economy line lube, targeted for younger men. The Bulge is a flexible-web frontal insert for briefs or bathing suits, and creates the lifelike illusion of a robust personal parcel. Bubble Butt, as the name suggests, adds extra roundness to the rear with a durable form-fitting pad.

“Healthy sexual self-esteem naturally extends to all areas of anyone’s life. A sexually balanced, secure person is more likely to feel and act confidently in their career, and in all aspects of their social life,” says Scott Fraser, CEO/Founder of Las Vegas-based Empowered Products.

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