Reader outraged by amendment vote


Dear Tennesseeans,

Thank you to the 81 percent of my beloved state for confirming that we are a non-human beast devoid of all thoughts, feelings, ideas and freedom. Thank you for making the clear statement that no matter what we do we will never deserve the simple and basic rights that other American citizens have. Thank you for placing in concrete form our clearly unfair use of civil liberties. Thank you for expressing the opinion that all the soldiers now and in the past, who have died for the rights of ALL Americans, died in vain, because we do not deserve them. Thank you for showing the world that our love, hopes and dreams of a somewhat joyful existance will never come true.

Thank you 81 percent for the continued fear we carry for our lives every day. And most of all, thank you for feeding ignorance, mistrust, stereotyping and hate. Great job Tennessee.

Jerry Harvey
Elinor Street
Chattanooga, Tenn.