Pork chops don’t sell kosher, condos


As anyone who has picked up a newspaper or driven around Nashville in the last year knows, new condos are plentiful. Moving into the city is becoming a choice that is not only hip and trendy but also affordable without having to skimp on amenities.

Many new condo communities have views, stained concrete floors, and granite counter tops, but District Lofts, located at the corner of 3rd Avenue and Harrison Street in Nashville’s emerging Market District, is offering something more – an honest GLBT-friendly outreach. 

Sure plenty of Nashville’s new-home developments have reached out a ceremonial hand to the GLBT community showcasing a presumably gay man walking his even more gay dog, but District Lofts has created an ad campaign that does the unthinkable or maybe just what the GLBT community should look for in advertising campaigns designed for many of our double-income, high-purchase power wallets – District Lofts showcases a GLBT lifestyle.

Dog walking and good hair product is not what the GLBT community is all about, necessarily. Adam Leibowitz, development partner of District Lofts, understands these facts.

“I can’t imagine advertising a product of any kind without reaching for a true representation of the emotion and lifestyle of the audience,” Leibowitz explains.

To the casual observer, District Lofts’ advertising campaign may not seem overly racy or suggestive, but consider the facts. The language mentions District Lofts’ close proximity to downtown attractions, including the exciting nightlife on Church Street. Add images showcasing an honest look at GLBT life, two men cooking and sharing each other’s company, and it seems District Lofts has hit the mark for affective GLBT advertising.

When Leibowitz is asked about his advertising strategy he explains, “Simply put, I just don’t think this is unusual. I am a Jewish man, and I cannot imagine using pork chops to sell kosher food. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

Putting the ads aside, District Lofts also offers a community with what the development team calls, “affordable luxury.” In total, District Lofts is comprised of a combination of 65 flats and townhomes with prices starting at $139,900.

The development team is a union between Double A Development owned by Adam Leibowitz and Andy Neuman, and well-known builder, Jim McLean of McLean Construction. This partnership ensures “affordable luxury.”

Homes at District Lofts have stylish lighting packages, hardwood and stained concrete floors, contemporary kitchens, spacious floor plans, and stunning city views. Customized floor plans are also available, and with many homes under $200,000 in a great location, District Lofts is an excellent choice in the growing condo market.