Popular lesbian author to make appearance at OutLoud!


by Kristin Keiper
Staff Writer

On April 1, she told her readers she wouldn’t write again.

Fortunately for them, it was only an April Fool’s Day prank by Skyy, author of “Choices” and the new-release “Consequences." Skyy will read and sign her latest novel at Nashville’s OutLoud! bookstore on Friday, May 8, at 7 p.m.

Skyy, a Memphis native, has been referred to as the lesbian version of E. Lynn Harris, another popular GLBT writer.

“Hearing someone say that my writing is similar to his is amazing," Skyy said. "He has been such a pioneer for black gay literature. His books have reached the gay and straight communities, the New York Times and Essence best-seller lists. It’s because his books reach everyone, and people have told me that my books do the same.”

“Consequences,” the sequel to her first novel, follows five lesbian women through life-changing situations at a fictional, historically black Memphis college where they deal with new cities, jobs and opportunities, all while trying to make their relationships work.

“I selected a few things from my time in college, such as sorority life, walking around campus, hanging out at the student center, and other things that many people can relate to,” Skyy said.

She recalls her own struggles while enrolled at the University of Memphis. Skyy said certain characters hesitance to join a sorority was based on her own experience learning that “out” lesbian women were not typically accepted into sorority life, turning her off from joining.

The author began researching and dabbling in the gay lifestyle as a junior in high school. She became more comfortable with herself and her homosexuality in college, coming out to a cousin then the rest of her family in late 2000. She said she didn’t expect at the time that her own life experiences to translate into a popular book.

“I knew that it was a good book, for myself, but I never expected so many people to love it,” Skyy said.

She said she looks forward to getting feedback from her readers at the book signing, which will begin at 7 p.m., to hear what they’d like to see happen to the characters in the future.

“My fans are amazing," Skyy said. "I’m blown away every time I go to a reading and have people tell me that they and their lovers have fought over the book because they want to read it at the same time and have to get their own copies. The love that they show me is amazing.”

OutLoud! bookstore is located at 1703 Church Street in Nashville.