Poll workers warned against assisting voters interpret issues


If you do go to vote, either for early voting or on Election Day, be prepared about the issues on the ballots.

Poll workers are not supposed to help voters interpret the ballots.

State Election Coordinator Brook Thompson said he picked up two reports Wednesday of what they’re calling a misinterpretation in both Sumner and Williamson Counties.

Thompson said there was no wrongdoing, but there were instances where the voters had a question about the ballot and the poll worker tried to help them out.

Thompson said the state sent word to all the poll workers to not help voters interpret ballot issues.

If you want to beat the really long lines on Election Day, early voting runs through Nov. 2, just five days before the general election. 


Early Voting Rallies 36,000 Voters Already


Early voting began Wednesday, and some polling locations have been so popular that voters are waiting in long lines.

Across the state of Tennessee Wednesday, 36,000 people went to the polls on the first day of early voting.

That number does not include the numbers out of Shelby County.

The state election commission expected to get the Shelby County numbers soon.