Plumgood Food expands line of groceries


Plumgood Food is tripling the number of products it carries and will soon begin offering mainstream less expensive products after a survey of more than 1,000 people.

“You’ve let us know that the number one reason you use Plumgood Food is for the convenience of ordering online and home delivery,” wrote Eric Satz, Plumgood Food owner in an email to its customers. “You’ve also let us know that you’d like even more convenience – more products to choose from in a wider price range.”

To make the move to offer a greater selection, Plumgood will double the size of their warehouse floor space. A move from their location on Cannery row to Mapleleaf Drive will occur in October.

Satz said the survey told them that if customers only shopped with Plumgood for a few items, they found it hard to justify the cost of delivery, hence the need to go from offering some 2,500 items to more then 7,500.

“If we cannot eliminate your major trip to the store, we aren’t convenient. Plumgood is, always has been, and always will be about making life easier,” he said. “It is about providing real convenience for real people. You want the food you want at your fingertips – from organic to mainstream products – and we want to deliver them to you.”

 Some of the new offerings will include brands like Cheerios, Tropicana, and Lay’s.

These are brands you grew up with and recognize,” he explained. “Choosing these brands will lower the total cost of shopping with Plumgood.”

Satz said the company will also have the option of Saturday delivery starting in October.  For more information visit