PFLAG organizes in Clarksville


CLARKSVILLE ­ Parents, friends, and family members of lesbians and gays in the Clarksville area will meet Thursday, July 7 to begin organizing a PFLAG chapter. The meeting is scheduled for 6:00 PM at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Clarksville, located at 3053 Highway 41A (Madison Street).

"I.m really excited that the Clarksville gay population is pulling together, as well as our supporters," says David W. Shelton, Chairman of Clarksville Pride. "We need to support those who support us." Shelton also encourages anyone who is a friend, family member, or coworker of GLBT people to attend.

Arnold Drake, chairman of Memphis PFLAG is scheduled to attend. Drake is expected to speak about the benefits and mission of PFLAG.

"PFLAG actually has several purposes," Shelton says. "The first, of course, is to serve as a support group for parents and friends of GLBT people. Another is as an advocacy group to provide information and resources to those who might be struggling with their loved ones who have come out to them. Another possibility is to provide resources and a safe haven to GLBT teens who are struggling with how to come out to their parents."

Shelton says that there are already several "local moms" who are interested in the group, and looks forward to bringing them together. "I have a feeling that when they get together, I’ll just have to move to a back corner of the room and watch history. I can’t wait."