News Briefs


On Tuesday, April 8, the Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) Support Student Safety Coalition presented a proposal for a comprehensive non-discrimination policy at the MNPS board meeting.  Students were limited to a three minute presentation, with approximately six students delivering their input. The students referenced statistics correlating higher school dropout rates when bullying occurs, among other strategic points. 

The majority of the students consider themselves ‘straight allies.’  PFLAG Board Member and mother of former MNPS student, Heather Cuff commented, "These students did not have a dog in the race, yet stood up for what is right.  I was very impressed.  They were obviously very prepared and articulated their points effectively."

The current MNPS Code of Conduct does not include a student non-discrimination or anti-bullying policy containing specific categories. The policy proposed by the Coalition reads as follows: “It is the policy of the Metro Nashville Public Schools to afford all persons, regardless of their actual or perceived race, religion, color, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, or gender, including gender identity, expression, and appearance, equal rights and opportunities in all of its educational institutions.”

The non-discrimination initiative received local newspaper and television coverage.  Channel 4 (WSMV) posted a clip on their Website. It can be seen here

Nashville-based launches

The owners of Plug Green launched their Website,, this Spring to encourage use of renewable materials and eco-friendly companies.  While the site is national in its reach, it is Nashville-based.  Currently, the site is offering a free business listing to any Middle Tennessee company who is committed to operating their business in an eco-friendly manner.