Newbie And The City


Halloween – the one time of the year where you can be anyone and get away with it. If you need to break out of your shell – this is the time to do so.

I should know. Underneath this preppy well educated wallflower is a heart of passionate and lustful man who wants the world. Last year, I managed to break out of my shell for one night. In a sea of Harry Potter wannabes, Jackie O. complete with brains on her dress and an assassinated JFK, I found a few kindred spirits.

Dressed in tight jeans, red body paint, horns, metal harness and leather boots with matching gloves, I strolled down Church Street as the devil. Cars were honking and the passengers were gawking.

My first stop on the list was Lucky’s, where my first scare of the night occurred.  Walking into the deep dark seedy bar, I caught a sight which sent chills down my spine.

Waking to the bar on the left side was a cross, with a person on it. Suddenly, I realized that Lucky’s was hosting the leather/levi club’s Halloween Bash. With butterflies in my stomach, I went to the bar and had a few drinks. Intrigued, I watched how the levi/leather scene works.  

Dressed like this, I wondered if a dominant or submissive man would approach me. However, the leather culture works just like the rest of the gay culture. Apparently if you are an outsider, your fellow gay men don’t come up to complete strangers and say “Hi.” Instead much like the cars that passed me by on Church Street, the leather men just gawked.

After the shock of attending my first leather event, I mustered but the courage to go to Tribe. What else do I have to lose? Astonished, I walked into the club to find Mystique at the bar. Rebecca Rojmin would have been proud of this woman. Words cannot do her justice.

As a gay man, I was mesmerized by her beauty.  Typically at Tribe, the people seem to be in clichés on the weekend. However, people were friendlier this holiday than any other time of the year.  Guys actually said “Hi” and some didn’t mind the fact of me stumbling into them and getting red body paint on their clothes.

However when the witching hour came, I found myself alone again. Much like the horror movies, my fun was over in the morning. With the sun rising over the Cumberland River the rays were reaching out towards Church Street, I realized my night of fun was over and life would return to the norm.

With less than 31 days to go, I can only imagine what this year will bring. Though I may not have Lucky’s to attend, I know my tricks and treats will have to be at Tribe and Play.

Maybe I will capture the Wolfman, or the Creature from the Blue Lagoon (yes, Brooke Shields) and be able to take them back to my crypt for a little fun throughout the next year.