Nashville Untucked: Dee Ranged spills the ‘T’


Hello there my lovely Untuckers! The drag air is buzzing and we’re the first with the scoop. Long time Nashville favorite Dee Ranged has officially spilled all the “T” on leaving Nashville to join the cast at Play Dance Bars’ newest project Play Louisville. We chatted with Dee as she was nice enough to let us in on everything. But before we spill, here’s a bit of background on Dee.

She grew up in a suburb in Ohio where she was taught to live each day to its fullest. Being very skilled and crafty, Dee always enjoyed doing art projects.  “When I started doing drag, there was no RuPaul’s Drag Race to be on for recognition” said Dee.

Instead of television, sequins and rhinestones paved her entry into the Drag world which has included the coveted Entertainer of the Year in 2007 and a 2011 win as Universal Show Queen. Since Dee Ranged is the first announced queen leaving the Nashville stages to take residence at Play Louisville, I wanted to dedicate this month’s Nashville Untucked Q&A to this quirky queen. Find out some of Dee’s treasured drag moments and just what she gave up to make the move to Louisville.


When did you start doing drag?

I started doing drag in 1999 right before I graduated high school. I remember watching some talk shows that had club kids from New York and I was officially obsessed! I loved their outlandish costuming, makeup and energy! It was almost as if it were a way to be free. I knew then it was in my soul and I must make an attempt. So it was then Dee Ranged was born and I started Drag at a bar called The Dock, which very, very dirty things happened at that bar!


How would you describe your character?

When I created Dee Ranged it was really just a name. I did not realize what it would turn into. Now 14 years later, Dee Ranged pretty much is an excuse for me to get away with doing anything on stage! She is a funny girl always looking for a good time, and to lighten the mood. She never takes herself too seriously and loves to laugh! Campy, free spirit, creative and sincere are some words I choose to describe her.

How many pageant titles have you won? Which is your fave?

In my day you had to enter the national pageant circuit. I started competing in 2003. I won several titles from local bars and then started at National Entertainer of the Year. In 2007 I won. I had an amazing reign touring the country representing my title and then had the honor in 2008 to crown one of my best friends Nina West.

As everyone is well aware I had to make a serious decision this year to move to Louisville Kentucky to open a new Play Dance Bar. With this decision I also gave up my invitation back to EOY as a former, with it being a conflict of interest.

In 2011, I won Universal Show Queen in Honolulu Hawaii. It was been a pageant open to drag queens, transgender women and sex changes from all over the world. I was honored to be the third full male ever to win and one of the only standing ovations in history at the contest. I will never ever forget that night. This was my favorite moment ever!


How long have you performed in Nashville?

I started coming to entertain at Play as a guest Play late in 2006 while competing to be National EOY. In 2009, I was offered a job when The Princess decided to relocate. I was in no position to turn down steady work, so the move was a go! I had no idea what an impact it would have on my life working for such a group of amazing people—not to mention the coworkers that have grown to be my second family over the years. I'm so sad to leave it behind.


What will you miss most about Music City?

I have a lot of things that I truly love about Nashville—too many to name one. First and foremost my friends here have been amazing , our wild times venturing all over the city making fools of ourselves but making sure everyone around has a great time. Another thing I will miss is the back stage antics at Play. People don't realize that’s where the real show is. I love my playmates and our stupid secret codes and countless crazy times. It really makes me sad to be talking about this right now


What advice would you have for an upcoming performer?

If I were asked to give advice for an upcoming performer, it would be this—always be true to who you are! The more you are yourself on that stage and off, people will love you. Do not rely on anyone to do things for you, figure it out how to do it yourself and just keep practicing until it’s perfect. Get as much stage time as you can and if ever given the opportunity to be on a cast somewhere don't #$*% it up!


You’ll be missed from the Nashville stage. Where can our readers keep up with you?

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Any final words for fans?

Thank you all for an amazing four years of my life. I will be back and Louisville is not too far away to come visit me!