Nashville ’s GLBT chamber starts new networking group


Nashville ’s GLBT Chamber of Commerce, NAPP, has started a new group designed for GLBT professionals that are interested in high energy networking and generating quality referrals.

CRG (pronounced “synergy”) is short for Chamber Referral Group. Members will meet monthly with the goals of CRG to attract reputable individuals in the GLBT business community, create a strong and trusted network for each other and foster a stronger and more loyal GLBT business community. 

Only one person from each major industry source will be allowed to join. Membership is only open to NAPP members. The group meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at Red (the restaurant inside Tribe). CRG will also gather during the social hour of the monthly NAPP meeting. Attendance at the meetings is required.

John Wade, treasurer of NAPP and president of Freedom Financial, was tapped by NAPP President Christopher Sanders to lead the new initiative after he saw a need to expand the group’s informal networking.

“Since its inception, NAPP has served an important role for many GLBT professionals in Nashville ,” Wade said. “While we have traditionally been an organization of casual ‘networking’ and relationship building, it is fair to say some members want and even expect more with their membership. They are looking for a networking structure which many of our members neither need nor want. So rather than alienate either group, I began thinking of how we could better meet what I perceived as a growing need. Debbie Stanton and I discussed our idea with Chris Sanders and ran with our idea for this group.”

Wade said it was important that the new group build on the foundation that NAPP has laid in the business community.

“We think it is very important that the network be an extension of NAPP rather than a separate entity,” he said. “Not only will we have better exposure, we will [also] have the opportunity to participate in important initiatives that NAPP will be undertaking. It also allows an existing organization to fulfill a need expressed by the community.”

Only one member per profession/specialty will be admitted to the group. This design eliminates competition within the group. Wade said that as more people become interested, additional groups can form so that as many people as wish can participate.

“Consistency is crucial to an endeavor such as this and that begins with consistently being in front of each other and supporting each other,” he said. “Membership in NAPP is required to join the network. However, anyone who has been looking for an opportunity such as this is welcome to visit one of our meetings and/or NAPP meetings before committing themselves. We encourage those interested to contact us for details or with any questions.” 

Wade said the group would draw upon the powerful networking that was available in the GLBT community.

“I know a lot of successful business people and almost without fail, they attribute their success to a strong referral network of peers and clients,” he said.

CRG is currently looking for GLBT representative in the following industries who are located in the Nashville Metro area (please note, in order to become a member of CRG you must belong to NAPP. Each profession will have one representative in the group).

Interior Decorator
Healthcare Providers – pediatrician, primary care, specialist,
Dentist, Optometrist, etc
Legal (multiple fields)
Accommodations (hotel and/or B&B)
Web-site design
Advertising and Marketing
Retail (furnishings and clothing)
Tax Services
Pet Sitters & Vets
Home Improvement
Adoption Services
Apartments/Rental Homes
Restaurants (melting pot)
Telecommunications (cellular)
Automotive (Bridgestone)
Travel Agent
Media (newspaper, TV, Radio)

For more information visit or contact John Wade at [email protected] or at 615-312-7054.