NASHVILLE recap: “Speed Trap Town”

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So, apparently, Maddie is so famous that she is nominated for an American Music Award alongside Katy Perry and Juliette. Look, I don’t want to kick things off on a sour note, but I don’t remember Maddie having any big, crossover hits. Some artists go their whole, successful careers without a nomination like that and Maddie all of the sudden is on the same level as Katy Perry? Dream on, CMT.

The next Mrs. Deacon Claybourne (Jessie) is playing some music for Deacon via Facechat. I’m not really sure why she is performing for him since they agreed on the episode last week she wasn’t going to sign with Highway 65.

Gunnar is on the road with Avery and while in Texas, decides to take a detour to visit his grandmother and hit his old stomping grounds. Anyway, Granny Scott is living in a nursing home and it isn’t a warm welcome. When she tries to light a cigarette, Gunnar tells her she has to take care of herself. She then points out she will be dying soon. Like this show has been doing?

Scarlett is at home alone and gets an awkward phone call from Gunnar. She thinks she hears a crash and grabs a kitchen knife, only to learn it was a raccoon in the trash can outside. So, she packs a bag and goes to stay with Deacon, Madds and Daphne. Maddie suggests she take a self-defense class. Oh lawd, people. Our little Sherpa Boo Boo is going to go all UFC on a perp.

Well, hello, Glenn. It’s good to see you and, as usual, he is doing damage control and cleaning up Juliette’s mess. Hey, CMT… he’s an interesting character. Give him more to do than being Juliette’s career janitor. As usual, Juliette ignores his advice about what to do with Maddie and she sends a congratulatory Tweet out about Madd’s AMA nod.

In Texas, Gunn Gunn runs into a pretty friend from high school named Shelly. They make plans to hang out, but not before he has another awkward phone call with Scarlett. Wait, what am I talking about? EVERYTHING is awkward with Scarlett. If she were to be comfortable in her own skin for once, fake Nashville would implode on itself.

Jessie meets Deacon for coffee to discuss the song she performed for him and he wants to help her record it, but she doesn’t want his help. She is recording at a friend’s studio later. Afterwards, when Deacon gets home, Maddie sees the Tweet from Juliette.

Shelly and Gunnar meet at their old stomping grounds and reminisce. He tells her he had a crush on her when they were younger. Then they break into their old junior high school, which looks like it is scheduled for demolition. If Gunnar told me he had a crush on me, I would be naked in .2 seconds flat. Anyway, once inside the old school building, Gunnar has flashbacks to being in class and called to the principal’s office when his parents died.

At self-defense class, Scarlett is uncomfortable and is having a hard time being aggressive. Oh, good gravy! Scarlett is beautiful and tiny and sings like a damn angel. What on earth does she have to be awkward about?!?! Can we send her back to Mississippi and leave her there?  At least until we figure out what planet she is really from.

Deacon hangs out at the recording studio with Jessie while they wait for her time to record, but when it might take longer than expected, Deacon goes on over to Highway 65 where Scarlett shows up. She isn’t there a minute before breaking down into tears. Deacon tells her it’s okay after everything she’s been through. She misses Gunnar and feels like a crybaby for staying with him, Maddie and Daphne. Look, Skinny Minnie, it’s okay to feel vulnerable.

Jessie’s douche and abusive ex-husband stops by her house to surprise her and their son, Jake. Jake is spending a few days with his mom and Brad is there to pick him up early. They start to bicker over how he is raising the kid and she kicks him out. I cannot wait until Deacon kicks his ass. Yes, CMT. It is THAT obvious it will happen.

Gunnar knocks on the door of his old house and the family living there invites him in to look around. While in his old bedroom, he has another flashback of playing guitars with his brother and his grandmother walks in and tells them to knock it off and then his brother angrily sneaks out the window.  Later, he is grappling with the memories and calls Scarlett to talk to her about it, but changes his mind. Good call. Let’s add more awkward weirdness to Scarlett’s life.

When Jessie isn’t able to record, Deacon arranges for her to record at another studio. When they get rolling, she isn’t really feeling the song after the incident with douchebag Brad. So, she returns to the studio the next day and asks Deacon why he is doing all of this for her – especially after she told him she couldn’t accept his help. When she starts to grill him, she realizes she is projecting her experiences with Brad onto Deacon. She apologizes and he does the same saying he gets a little swept up in helping people. So, I am going to need Deacon’s help in drawing me a bubble bath later.

When the self-defense instructor sees Scarlett has returned to his class, he asks her why she is in the class and she tells him she was assaulted. He tells her she is there because she wanted to do more than nothing in a situation like that. Then, when it is her turn to spar with the instructor, she magically turns into a crazy woman and goes nuts with the hitting and punching. I’ve taken self-defense classes and you don’t turn into Jackie Chan overnight.

Maddie responds to Juliette’s Tweet by replying with a smartass remark. We have talked about this, CMT. Maddie is terrible and trying to make her not terrible doesn’t work.

Shelly shows up to Gunnar’s hotel room and he starts to tell her about his memories of when his parents passed away. It seems his granny wasn’t the nicest of people (obviously) and losing his parents young left, as expected, emotional scars. Shelly tries to give him a pep talk then starts to kiss him. When he stops her, she admits she’s married. That’s never stopped a small town Texas hookup before.

Before leaving town, Gunnar goes to see his grandma again and explains that he felt neglected when she took over caring for him and his brother. He felt like no one believed in him. When she brushes him off, he makes her listen to a song he wrote called “Gonna Find Home.”

And on that note, I’m gonna find another show that doesn’t make me want to drink. See you next week, my loves!



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