Nashville has many affirming and accepting faith options


Church…the mere mention of the word brings up an abundance of thoughts and emotions. Some remember being forced to go as a kid. Others remember being eager to go. Some individuals are turned off, frustrated and vow never to go back.  Others embrace the church for all it is, realizing the value it has and looking past any man-made faults.

I have always loved the church. I am a hopeless church-aholic. I admit it.  It isn’t enough for me to go to one church on Sunday. There have been times in my life when I would happily go to two or three. I even watch other church services on line throughout the week! Go ahead, call me a church nerd. To me, it is incredible to look at the variety of ways God works among His people.  I think it keeps me from being too narrow-minded…or at least I hope it does.

Here in Nashville, the buckle on the Bible belt, we have an abundance of affirming churches in which to worship.  From Methodist, to Universalist, to Baptist (Yep!  Read it again; I said Baptist!) to a variety of non-denominational churches, Nashville offers you some incredible opportunities to meet with and worship with folks that are like-minded.

Is it easy to find a church home? Sometimes. But unfortunately, most of the time, walking into a church where you know no one will be difficult at best. It isn’t God’s fault. Mankind, with all our faults, sometimes finds it difficult to step outside ourselves and realize that all someone needs sometimes is to be noticed, to be greeted and welcomed.

This is a list of churches in Nashville that are affirming and accepting. If anyone knows of any others, please e-mail me so I can get us updated with a complete list. Over the next few months, I am going to profile a variety of churches in the Nashville area. I want our readers to know that there are options out there. God is far too wonderful for you to not experience Him on a consistent basis. And if you happen to be one of those individuals who is turned off and frustrated, I hope I can make it a little easier on you to find a church home. 

See the full list of affirming churches in O&AN’s online Community Resource Guide.