MySpace style Internet sites roll out for the gay community


The overwhelming attention and focus on sites like, and others have many gay’s feeling left in the dark according to the owner of a two GLBT Web sites.

"Mainstream internet networking & friendship sites tend to be gay friendly however they are not dedicated mediums for gay’s to feel open and comfortable," explained Terrance Luckett , owner of " is now firmly positioned and rolling out its’ new exciting site aimed at filling this massive void in the online networking market without requiring a service fee."

Luckett said development is also underway for the complimentary site to called designed to cater specifically to lesbians. These sites are guided by the ‘Live, Love Laugh, Express – Share your Digital Life’ concept to encourage the growth of gay online networking while providing an escape from sites aimed only for sexual encounters and dating. By providing each person with a dedicated web address, users may even purchase a domain name that can point to their or pages.

"With & the coming release of, the gay community may create, manage and customize their own pages. This gives each individual the power to express his or her own style and individuality through look, sound and feel. In addition to these many features, members may interact privately with each other through an internal messaging system complete with file attaching," he said. "Blogging has not been overlooked either. Every member may share their ideas, opinions and thoughts through the sites blog system. A unique aspect of the blog feature that each entry is given a dedicated blog addresses for easy sharing, distribution and search engine indexing in addition to posting RSS feeds. "
Both sites will continue to add new and user friendly features for members to expand and enrich their online self expression and creativity. Two of these features all ready in the works include a photo album organizer for easy storage and sharing and an event planner with invitation and RSVP capabilities.
" and were developed to introduce mainstream networking and friendship services specifically for the gay community," Luckett said. "Through the incorporation of innovative services found previously only available on mega sites, and are here to serve the gay community and fit the varying complexities of gay culture. "