Miss New Beginnings Beauty Pageant 2005


by Barbara Ann Ehrgott

The evening started at 9:00 as the interviews started for the constestants for the Miss New Beginnings Pageant at the club by the same name in Johnson City, Tenn. The nine contestants were nervously preparing for their performances. Everyone was polite and courteous, helping each other with their props, wigs, and final touches to dressing and make-up.

The winner of this pageant is automatically entered into the Miss U.S.A. at Large to be held at New Beginnings Sunday, September 4th, during Labor Day weekend. Brian Goins of Johnson City has put together another spectacular event here in the Northeast Tennessee area.

Vivica Angelic Blake, Mya Campbell, Mercedes Alexander, Erica Douglas, Malaysia Black, Delayna Moore, Jessica Jade, Ekisha Renee, and Alexis Deveraux were first-time contestants. Former Miss New Beginnings in the running were Amanda Blake, Alyssa Montrose, Honeysuckle, and Adriana Evans. The reigning Miss New Beginnings, Roxie Hart, was there to crown the winner along with the other previous winners.

The gowns were exquisite in sequins, satin, chiffon, and velvet. The talent ran from “The Phantom of the Opera” to choreographed dance troupes to emotional vocal readings. Music ranged from standard dance fare to hip-hop and slow, soulful numbers. Contestants hailed from as far away as Nashville, Knoxville, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

This pageant uses the U.S.A. judging system and the decision took more than an hour to reach. Malaysia Black was then crowned Miss New Beginnings 2005. Mya Campbell was named 1st Runner-up, and Jessica Jade took 2nd Runner-up.

The winning contestant wore a black satine gown with dark purple trim and sequins, highlighted with a black foxtail wrap. Malaysia’s talent presentation included a slow paced number that she performed magnificently and won her first place in the competition. The distance she traveled to enter this contest, having come from North Carolina, paid off for the new Miss New Beginnings 2005.

Malaysia Black will be entered into the Miss U.S.A. at Large Pageant to be held at New Beginnings this coming Sunday.

Kudos to Brian Goins for his hard work in producing a great pageant.