Middle Tennessee GLBT student organizations


Middle Tennessee State University

MT Lambda, Middle Tennessee State University’s peer group organization devoted to GLBT issues, is open to GLBT students, faculty and staff and their allies. Their stated goal is to share ideas and address current equality issues while remaining supportive towards the entire student body.
MT Lambda strives to constantly improve the academic and social environments of MTSU’s campus. General meetings are held monthly, and students are offered free HIV testing and informational sessions regarding sex education and political issues.

Austin Peay University

A GLBT group has been in existence on Austin Peay’s campus since the 1970s, and the current incarnation is the Gay-Straight Alliance. Throughout the school year, the Gay-Straight Alliance is involved in a number of activities, including the Nashville CARES AIDS Walk, Coming Out Day, Day of Silence and Day Without Art (World AIDS Day Event).
Students are encouraged to participate in all phases of student leadership through organization-sponsored projects and activities. Fundraisers are held throughout the year to further support the group’s social causes.

University of Tennessee-Knoxville

At the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, an organization called OUTreach exists to create a physical presence and a stronger sense of community for the university’s LGBT students, faculty and staff. The campus also hosts the Lambda Student Union. OUTreach ensures that the campus non-discrimination policy statements are upheld and provides an assortment of educational materials, including books, movies, and magazines, that are available to the center’s visitors. They also offer meeting space to GLBT-related organizations and invite the university’s GLBT and allied community to social events such as the weekly OUT to Lunch meeting.

Eastern Tennessee State University

Eastern Tennessee State University’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender student organization, LGBTies, wishes to promote understanding and tolerance on its campus. The group provides political, educational, and support outlets to GLBT students and sponsors a number of campus-wide events, including variety shows and movie nights, as well as educational programs that provide further information about social, sexual and political issues on the ETSU campus.