LGBT History App partners with the It Gets Better Project


In celebration of LGBT History Month, which starts today in the United States, the free mobile app Quist announces it will release it's 2.0 version this October. The new version will include a frequently requested keyword search feature to sort the 800 LGBTQ historical events in the app's database. Quist is also teaming up with the It Gets Better Project to bring the stories of LGBTQ history to an even wider audience.

"Our projects are very aligned in trying to bring a message of hope to LGBT youth with a 21st-century approach," said Brett Peters, Manager of the Media Program at the It Gets Better Project. "We're big fans of the Quist app and are excited to share these stories to our followers." The It Gets Better Project's social media channels will be sharing two to three historical facts per week from Quist throughout LGBT History Month.

"The community's response to Quist has been tremendous," said Sarah Prager, Quist's founder and director. "There was clearly a need for such a resource about LGBTQ history because the app has already been downloaded 13,000 times in 80 countries in our first nine weeks." With messages of support and thanks pouring in from around the world, requests for additional features have also been common. The new version will include a new keyword search feature that will turn the app into a search engine for LGBTQ historical data.

Quist’s mission is to educate the world about the roots of the LGBTQ community, make LGBTQ history more engaging and relevant, let LGBTQ youth know that others have shared their struggle, and promote organizations that make LGBTQ history today and every day. The app is free for iOS and Android.