Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom

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We live in a data filled world.  One where we think that stars, stats, and other data about places, people and things is the most important things. The problem is that data does not change anything, nor does it account for the intangibles ­ such as how it impacts our minds, hearts, and spirits. While data (knowledge) is important it requires understanding to comprehend and wisdom with which to make decisions that bring life into every situation.

Data, or knowledge, can be garnered from almost any source, but just because you see some information does not mean that it's accurate, or even true.  It is something that someone wants you to know, but that does not mean that you have a whole picture of the situation.  It often means that you have a limited or naïve view of what is happening.  Knowledge can be as simple as 1 + 1 = 2.  That is knowledge, but it really does not change anything ­it is just the facts.

Understanding is the next level of spiritual, mental, and even physical maturity.  You can have all the information and knowledge, but without understanding you will never make sense of it.  Understanding requires holding in tension several different elements and mulling them over in your mind in a way that requires you to see how they are interrelated.  God gave us all this ability in different areas.  Yours may be spiritually, emotionally, mechanically, or in some other way.  There are just some people who have understanding in areas that far exceed even the knowledge of others in that area.  We should feel doubly blessed when we find those areas in our lives.

Yet, the greatest of these attributes is wisdom.  The only problem is we never come to wisdom without first going through a crisis.  For wisdom is knowledge, and understanding, tested to their limits and then broken through. Too often we have asked for knowledge and even understanding rather than wisdom.  We all need wisdom, but few of us have the stomach for what it takes to get there.  We have little pleasure is surrendering ourselves to The One who give true wisdom that leads us to life.  In Job 28:28 we read: "Truly, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding." (By fear He means in awe of.)

Wisdom comes from acknowledging our limited worldview and relying on the worldview of the one who created the world.  Wisdom leads us to overcome the world and not be destroyed by it.  Is that what you want?  Then seek it with all you have.

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