Initative: Fairness to hold post-election meeting


On Tuesday night, fairness suffered a temporary setback.

In the days that followed, the good people of Memphis and Shelby County paused, looked inward, and consoled our families and friends. 

This defeat cuts deep, however the 52,000 voters in ShelbY5{ NO on Amendment One will persevere. Today, the fight for fairness and equality continues because we know the arc of history bends toward justice.  Thanks to the struggle against Amendment One, the "No on One" voters of Shelby County are more organized and motivated than ever before.  

To capitalize on this momentum, I:F is pleased to announce a Post-Election Town Hall Meeting.  The meeting will be held:

Tuesday, November 14, 2006
7:00 p.m.MGLCC
(892 So. Cooper).

The focus of the meeting will be to recap the Amendment One results, discuss "lessons learned" from the campaign, and discuss 2007 initiatives for LGBT equality in Memphis and Tennessee. Similar meetings will be held across Tennessee on this night.

I:F would like to thank the Tennessee Equality Project (TEP) for coordinating these simultaneous meetings. Please join us at MGLCC so your voice can be heard.In conclusion, I:F would like to thank the volunteers in Memphis who canvassed voters, constructed signs, stood on street corners, and spread the "Vote No on One" message to friends and families the past several months. 

We can all be proud of our efforts.  We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to Randy Tarkington, Marisa Richmond, and the entire staff of volunteers at the Vote No on 1 Campaign in Nashville.  Without all of you, the 52,000 NO votes in Shelby County would never have been achieved!