In the beginning, there was only…


Indeed, everybody does poop, but is gross-out humor ever genuinely funny? It depends on who you ask I guess. But don’t count it out yet; now available on DVD, “Adam & Steve” is an uproariously hysterical parody of romantic comedies that grips you in guffaw. Once you’re beyond a few crass antics for the lowbrow crowd, the movie stands alongside any classic romp with nonstop laughs. Steve’s right hand man, Michael, is a refreshing change of pace from the flamboyantly goofy character Chris Kattan usually undertakes. Kattan is adorably handsome as the prototypical straight guy, offering the complete package of off-handed counterculture wisecracks, a pouted bottom lip that almost makes up for the previous, and the quintessential come-hither thigh clapping. His tongue-in-cheek combined with Parker Posey’s self-deprecation bring balance to the absurd comedic devices throughout. Lookout for the lure of Noah Segan as a twink-a-licious psychoanalyst club kid intent on sharing his thoughts.


Craig Chester, yet another example of one considered unconventionally attractive by some, and Malcolm Gets, whose distinguished gentleman looks are soured by camera angles, his character’s incidental incontinence, and “snarffy” facial expressions (think Jim Varney as Ernest), do however play well together on screen. So well, that you forget that they’re acting — a rare treat these days.

My only gripe lies in the scarcity of gay clichés believe it or not. The grandiose title, promising the gay romance of all gay romances, or more particularly, the apogeal parody of one, ultimately lets us down. The movie mocks romantic comedies more than poking fun specifically at queer romantic comedies or even the current gay dating culture in general. I would rather have had the title be reserved for a more serious, or at least, more deserving film. And no, I don’t feel more okay with incontinence as the movie ridiculously attempts to effect. All that said, it’s still drop dead funny. Should you see it…definitely! Should you buy it to have for all times, yes, but only at a nicely discounted rate.

If you’re reading this after watching the movie, test your partner. After all the laughs, can they remember which one was Adam and which was Steve (without reading the DVD cover of course)?