Gay Games VIII begin in Cologne, Germany


As the premiere international GLBT and gay-friendly sports and cultural event, Gay Games have hosted thousands of athletes since their inception in 1982. Created by Dr. Tom Waddell, the quadrennial competition gives gays and lesbians an opportunity to show their competitive skills while also fostering an environment of fellowship among its participants. The first two editions were held in San Francisco, and subsequent host cities include Chicago, Sydney and Vancouver.

On July 31, Gay Games VIII began in Cologne, Germany, with an opening ceremony at RheinEnergie Stadium. Almost 10,000 participants from over 70 countries are entered this year. Nashville couple Keith Little and Sam Felker, partners for fourteen years, are participating in this year’s games, and have created a blog to share their experiences in the competition. Little is entered in the javelin and shot put events, while Felker will compete in the triathlon.