From a resolution to results


What was your New Year’s resolution? Statistics say you’re most likely answer regards exercise and/or nutrition.

If that’s so, how well are you keeping it one month in? If you’re still on track, that’s great.

Chances are, you’ve put together some sort of routine to keep yourself accountable to working out and avoiding bad foods. If you’re not doing so well, you’ve probably not taken an active role in building healthy habits. Don’t give up!

Your resolution can be more than just a resolution. It can become a way of life. But, how will that happen?

I can give you all the right strategies for losing fat and building lean muscle, but the first step (I’ve found) for my clients to succeed is to have them notice the characteristics and habits of people who have found success with fitness. These people have figured it out, so copy them.

Sure, your fit life will look a little different; you’re a different person. But, the big pieces of an active lifestyle are the same.

This is what you can learn from fit people:

1. Move. Fit people (FP) don’t choose sitting in front of the TV over walking, biking, swimming, working in the yard, etc… They’re constantly doing something. Besides the exercise they’re getting, they’re also seeing, doing and learning more.

2. Make food a priority – and then, don’t. FP eat frequently, but only in small amounts. They don’t make meals the highlight of their day, but they also never skip meals. Plus, the extra exercise from their active lifestyle not only helps them burn more calories, but gives them more freedom in what they eat.

3. Never miss a workout. FP are committed to their structured exercise programs. They don’t have to spend a lot of time in the gym, because their life outside the gym is complementary to their workouts. But, their time in the gym is built on 2 components: 1) Strategy and 2) Consistency.

Strategy is necessary. FP do not work out aimlessly. They know what they’re going to do, how much they’re going to do and how long they’re going to do it. (A good personal trainer can help with this.)

Consistency is easy when strategy is in place. FP see great results because of their dedication to exercise. They work out more, making results even greater.

Now, it’s time for you to take that resolution to the results level. Implement these every day and begin the process of becoming a fitter you. Good luck!

Jeff Howerton is a trainer and owner of LEAN Personal Training, where he and his trainers work with clients to lose fat, develop lean muscle and implement strategies for healthier living. LEAN (615) 279-1900 or