Exposed: Andrew


Full Name: Andrew Edward Skelton

Birthday: April 18, 1989

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Hometown: Kingsport, Tennessee

Current Town: Bristol / Traveling

Profession: Customer Service

One item (other than your cell phone) that you’re never without: I am not a very materialistic person, so that is a tough question… I would have to say mints, because hygiene is important!

I feel most confident when: I am blasting music through my workouts.

Your pick for celebrity best friend: R.I.P. Joan Crawford

Favorite way to burn calories: Swimming

Boxers or briefs: Whatever pays the most!

If you won $1 million (tax free) and had to give half of it away, who’d get it: I would divide it through to my family for everyone to finish school and each have a home!

I am a diverse guy, temporarily living back home in the hills. Right now I work for Sprint as a Customer Service Representative in Bristol. I live a healthy, active lifestyle. When I’m not working in the call center, I am in the gym or traveling. Some of my favorite places I’ve visited are Las Vegas, New York City, and Bangkok! I plan to move to New York City early next year to pursue my modeling career!