Esposito earns “the future of comedy” label with SSS

Cameron Esposito cover art edit.jpg

Cameron Esposito’s sophomore stand-up comedy album, Same Sex Symbol, serves as a confirmation of Jay Leno’s recent prediction: Esposito is “the future of comedy.”  SSS may be the comic’s first release on independent record label Kill Rock Stars, but it’s certainly not her first rodeo.  Much of the material focuses on her traveling “TEDTalk” dispelling and addressing wacky myths and outlandish misconceptions about what it means to be a lesbian these days.  When the comedian’s not schooling the Portland, Ore. crowd, she’s doing hilarious bits about everything from children’s eye patches and strip club visits to stray underwear and Whac-A-Mole.  With a likeable voice at times akin to that of Ellen DeGeneres and SNL’s Kate McKinnon, Esposito’s Same Sex Symbol scores incredibly high on the laugh-o-meter, much less the Leno-meter.

– Amy E. Hall

Cameron Esposito cover art.jpg