Beginning this week, DJ Killa Chris will be putting out a list of his top tracks for the week, with a playlist. For the week of February 4, 2020, they are:


Jamie Lane — “EZ” 
Magdalena Bay — “How To Get Physical”
Luna Shadows — “Millennia”
Durante — “Restless”
Your Smith — “The Spot”
Nina Chuba — “Lips Shut” 
Porter Robinson — “Get Your Wish”
Feed Me — “Little Space” 
Division 4 — “Disco Down”
SYB — “All I See” (Feat. Rypsa)


Killa Chris has been DJing in Nashville since 2010. Finding good music has always been a passion of Killa Chris’s. So every week he is going to share some of the newest tracks from popular producers and unknown artists from all over the world. 

You can find his original productions here: 

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