Daily Buzz About- March 7


Tenn. SB 1241 delayed at least a week

The Senate bill introduced because of Vanderbilt University’s all-comers policy is rolled back a week as they await the constitutionality of the bill from the state attorney general. This bill would effectively reduce the Vanderbilt University Police Force’s ability to effectively serve the campus and surrounding community.

Fallon Fox, MMA figher, comes out as transgendered

Due to a reporter’s investigation, Fallon Fox announces that she’s transgendered. "I consider myself a woman. I happen to fall into the transgender category, but I rather describe myself as a woman first," Fox told Outsports.

Gay customers refused service from longtime florist

Wash. man refused floral services for his upcoming wedding by florist who has served him for more than 9 years. Reason why? Jesus will not let her?!?!? Didn’t marijuana become legal in Wash. too? Maybe she has been smoking the sticky-icky.

U.S. State Department launches International LGBT Travel site

After being ranked #38 by Spartacus, the State Department plays travel agent giving tips to travelers entering the U.S. and U.S. citizens traveling overseas. Maybe soon they will get into the GLBT marriage business too? One can hope!

Ohio college fueled with racism and homophobia

Longtime liberal Oberlin College, which has experienced a string of racist and homophobic incidents, cancels classes for a day of reflection. The incidents include LGBTQ Community Coordinator Lorena Espinoza finding a note in the Multicultural Resource Center that read “Nigger + Faggot Center” and swastikas having to be removed by custodial staff.

Entertainment Weekly releases first looks at Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in Liberace biopic

Enough said. Head over to EW to see the cover!