Daily Buzz About March 19


Tennessee House advances bill allowing discrimination by public university organizations

Just another day in the Tennessee legislature. The House passed a bill that would prevent organizations on public university campuses from implementing non-discrimination policies.


NJ Senate Committee advances bill to prohibit gay conversion therapy on children

“Most of the major psychiatric, psychological and counseling organizations have warned of dangers of this practice. I believe it is a type of child abuse that should be prevented,” said Democrat Raymond Lesniak.

‘The Golden Girls’ brought out of retirement

Leave it to Logo and TV Land to bring Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia back to television. Now you can get your St. Olaf fix daily.

Hillary Clinton joins HRC Campaign

Now that she is no longer in office, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has stepped up for marriage equality in a new video for the HRC.

President Obama announces Thomas Perez as his nomination for Labor Secretary

“As the head of the U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, Tom has fought to open pathways into the workforce for everyone willing to contribute, including people with disabilities, LGBT Americans, and immigrants…” President Obama said of his announcement.


12-year-old adopted son of gay dads reads letter to Justice Roberts

Watch this heartwarming video.


Michelle Shocked shocks San Francisco audience with anti-gay statements

After decades of female anthems and admitted lesbian relationships, Michelle Shocked surprised audience members in San Francisco with anti-gay tirade.