Daily Buzz About- March 13


Meet your newly elected Pope: Argentina Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio

“Destructive attack on God’s plan,” Bergoglio said in 2010 when his country was debating marriage equality. Despite being rampaged with scandals for years, it looks like the Catholic Church is looking for more of the same. Meet your new Pope.

Boy Scouts disseminate survey seeking responses on gay ban

The issue is fraught with complexities and the survey sent out by the BSA to leaders and parents grasps those intricacies. Included in the questions is: Is it acceptable for a gay scout and a straight scout to share a tent on an overnight camping trip? What do you think about the survey questions? Weigh in below!

Ky. factions debate how to handle equality issues

Equal rights. Two Ky. men want the same thing but disagree on how to get it. One side is working to change things through legislation and another is demanding change and organizing protests through civil disobedience. Which way would you go?

‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill sees another evolution

This bill has had more costume changes than a Cher farewell tour. The latest revisions states that school counselors should not step outside their purview and issues with students regarding mental health issues, lifestyle choices or other conditions or activities outside career and educational counseling be referred to and handled by licensed clinical psychologists or psychiatrists.

New Microsoft Outlook ad features lesbian wedding

Not to be outdone by Amazon, Microsoft’s latest online ad features a same-sex wedding. We applaud Microsoft and Amazon but we want to know when these ads will end up rescued from their online relegation and possibly be moved to television and primetime?!

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To possibly be evicted from the Emory University cafeteria. Okay, lame joke but although the final decision has not been made, it looks as though Chick-Fil-A will not return to campus after the summer semester.

Minn. Senate and House committees approve same-sex marriage bill

With testimony ranging from the unbelievable to the heart wrenching, both Minn. Senate and House committees advanced marriage equality to their respective floors for a vote. Check out the “scientific” testimony from “concerned Minnesotan and father and a husband” Mike Frey and the decision that former Republican lawmaker Lynne Osterman has regretted making for a decade.