Clarksville Pride Committee to meet Oct 8


The Clarksville Pride Committee will meet at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 8 at the Freedom House Community Center to begin formal planning for the 2006 Pride Festival.

The Committee will elect the 2006 board. The board will include the Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. At-large committee members may be elected as well. The Freedom House Community Center is located at 125 Riverside Drive (at the corner of Riverside and Main ) in Clarksville .

“I’m excited about the possibilities for Clarksville Pride 2006,” says David W. Shelton, Chairman of the 2005 Committee. “We’re really only limited by our imaginations at this point.” Shelton also says that he hopes to see a greater music selection at next year’s event. “We’re celebrating diversity, so I hope we have a diverse entertainment roster.”

The Committee will incorporate this year, and Shelton says that the 2006 event will have a much larger area for the event, which is scheduled for May 20, 2006 . Other plans for the event include speakers and rallies to address the imminent marriage amendment later next year. “We’ve got our eyes fixed on making a difference.” Shelton says. “Last year’s theme was to make Clarksville a little more colorful. This year, we’re kicking off Tennessee ’s Pride season. It’s a tremendous responsibility.”