Christian performers Jason and deMarco uplift with sprit and vocal talents


by Rachel Fouts
Contributing Writer

Most would think that homosexuality and contemporary Christian music would mix as well as peanut butter and cottage cheese, and in most cases those who did would be right.

There are two young men, however, who would disagree.

Jason and deMarco are determined to break through the religious barrier and sing the world to understanding. I had a chance to catch Jason and deMarco on their “Spirit Pop” tour at the Glendale Baptist Church . Musically, they are fabulous, their voices complimenting each other in a peaceful and uplifting harmony.

During some moments you can be swept away by their astounding tones. Looking like they’ve been separated from the latest boy band, their non-threatening appearance makes their open homosexuality easier for the mainstream Christian genre to accept. Jason and deMarco’s chemistry is obvious, so it should come as no surprise that the duo have also been partners off-stage for four years. Their message is one of love, peace and tolerance, which makes their accomplishments and ministry so admirable.

That being said, Jason and deMarco’s songs are not for everybody: the lyrics, while sung beautifully, can become trite and redundant; also, many of the songs are indistinguishable, leaving this listener with the numb feeling of having listened to an hour-long hymn. I would definitely recommend listening to one or two songs to appreciate their vocal blessings and for the sheer novelty of a gay Christian group, but other than that, you wouldn’t be missing much if you sleep in on Sunday.