American Airlines goes LOGO


American Airlines first TV spots to air on the nation’s LGBT network, LOGO, will include two commercials as part of their "We Know Why You Fly" campaign. Both spots also urge viewers to visit the welcome page for American Airlines’ LGBT Website, The spots will be shown in rotation for the next 13 weeks.

According to LOGO, American Airlines is the first airline to advertise nationally on the network. "We’re thrilled that American Airlines is reaching out to Logo’s television audience in a connective and humorous way," said Lisa Sherman, senior vice president and general manager, Logo. "American Airlines has an extraordinary relationship with the LGBT traveler and this partnership with Logo is yet another demonstration of their commitment to this community."

About the two commercials…

Answering Machine is a spot about an anxious business flyer. A man on a day trip calls home to check on "Susie" leaving messages for her on his answering machine. We see an empty house with toys on the floor, and little do we know they are dog toys. The American Airlines gate agent asks, "She’s not on the couch again?" And we discover that Susie is his dog.

Right Person is a spot about a senior executive planning an important business trip to Tokyo. But whom will she take with her? She seems to choose the least likely person: a young free-spirited guy who wears headphones at his desk and sings at the office. We follow them to Tokyo and reveal our singing guy at a Karaoke bar in Tokyo, bonding with his Japanese colleagues on stage. His boss and the senior Japanese executive enjoy the moment – knowing she picked the absolutely "right person" for the job.