A kiki with Raquel Redd

untucked raquel redd for web.jpg

This year our Drag Bingo sister Raquel Redd is rocking the Nissan Main Stage at Nashville Pride! It’s not Drag Bingo at Mad Donna’s, but it’s not a bad gig, either! So come catch up with what’s been going on with Raquel (she’s got a new web series!), as we sit back and get untucked!


So you’re a big part of the Nashville Pride Festival this year?! What can we expect from you, hosting the Main Stage event?

This year I'm being lowered onto the Nissan Main Stage from a helicopter. Just kidding! Patrons can expect to have FUN! We've got a lot of Pride events going on leading up to the day of Pride, so locals and visitors alike will have so much to choose from, not to mention an all-star musical line-up!


How did you land this gig?

One night after a gig, I put a pair of my used eyelashes under my pillow and the gig fairy rewarded me. That and I sucked a lot of dick over at … well, you know how it goes.


What does Pride mean to you?

It's giving yourself the much deserved permission to be your authentic self. So often we condition and/or alter ourselves for the reason of others when we'd ALL be a lot happier if we were all authentic with ourselves and with each other. Pride is for everyone!


What is your fondest Pride memory?

When I first walked in LA Pride, the showering of love from the other queens and the whole community. They were so supportive and wanted pictures with us holding babies and giving us fan letters. Overwhelming but a great memory!


What do you think will be the highlight of Nashville Pride?

My cheek and brow bone. Honestly though, I'm excited for all the live music! Did you see the line-up?!?! *gagging*


Tell us about your new web series and where our readers can watch it?

"Raquel Knows Nashville" is the brainchild of Zack Lankford and myself. Zach is a film major and has used me as the subject of a documentary and a few other projects that can be found online. He called me one day with an idea to go out in the streets and shove a camera and microphone in people's faces. AND THEY LOVE IT! New episodes are released every other Friday on the YouTube channel, "Raquel Knows Nashville," or you can visit raquelknowsnashville.com.


What is your goal with "Raquel Knows Nashville"?

Really to have fun with the people in Nashville. And doing it in drag helps broaden the scope of the drag scene in Nashville by showing there's more to drag here than just a fierce 11pm lip sync.


Rumor has it your working on releasing new music this year?

Honestly speaking, I've been sitting on a few songs. One I've recorded, but I'm not extremely happy with the outcome, so I need to go in a tweak it and should release it next month.


What can you tell us about your acting endeavors?

This year I'm starring in Veronica Lynn's "Love's Tangle," a dramatic stage production about love and hate colliding. The show deals with some hot button social issues like transitioning, being on the "down low," and interracial couples. It's touring this year, so visit www.lovestangle.com for the schedule.


What are your other big plans for the year?

I've really been focusing on Tuesday Nights at Mad Donna's. It's like Nashville's best kept secret that I want the whole world to know about! We have so much fun there and everyone is already buzzing about "LIVE GAME SHOW NIGHT" starting in June. Each month we'll feature a new, interactive game show experience!


What can we look forward to the most?

All the weight I'm losing because I've stopped eating solid food, and Trump being elected POTUS!