5 Gay things to do this week


Wait a minute, what is that? Is that the sound of nearly 60 degree weather on Saturday? We think it is and are so looking forward to a brief thaw and of course bringing you the best gay things to do in the next week.

5) Sex, Dreams and Self Control


Tomorrow (February 1) kicks off the first of the five show revival of Kevin Thornton's 2009 hit one man show Sex, Dreams & Self Control. Described as a "hilarious, heartbreaking one-man musical," the show was named "Best One-Man Show" by the Nashville Scene in 2010 and played to frequently sold-out houses.

In a time where the country is sharply divided and gay marriage is quickly gaining ground, Thornton feels like a revisit to the material is appropriate. "The show is about my journey to self acceptance. I grew up in a very fundamentalist Christian setting. It was a long painful process to admit that I was gay. Even though the world has changed so much since those days, I'm still amazed how many people are having a difficult time coming out. There are so many communities, especially religious ones, where being gay is quite difficult."

Showtime for Saturday February shows (2/1, 2/8, 2/15 and 2/22) is 8 p.m.. There is a special matinee Sunday, February 23 at 3 p.m.. Tickets are $10 in advance and can be purchased here.

4) HUMP Day Party at Canvas

For those weeks when you just can't see past Wednesday, Canvas Lounge and DJ Vallentine kicked off their new HUMP Dance Parties last Wednesday. With drink specials until 10 p.m., DJ Vallentine spins your favorite Top 40/Dance music all night long. Myabe we can convince her to remix this Geico video into an opening number for the HUMP parties?


3) A Great Big World plays 12th and Porter

Okay, you may have guessed that we're a bit obsessed with Is There Anybody Out There?, the new record from pop duo A Great Big World. And before you say 'who?' their double platinum single "Say Something" featuring Ms. Christina Aguilera reigned the charts all winter long and their track "Everyone is Gay" (below) is a slice of pop heaven. Ian and Chad will bring their blend of rock-pop (with a dash of musical theatre) to 12th and Porter this Wednesday. 



Congratulations to Will White who won a pair of tickets to A Great Big World. You can still get tickets here and if you are feeling really lucky, enter to win their debut album here.

2) Edmund White speaks at Vanderbilt University

If there was such a thing as gay writer royalty, Edmund White would wear the crown. Who are we kidding? His autobiographical tales A Boy's Own Story, City Boy: My Life in New York During the 1960s and '70s ​ and latest gem Inside a Pearl: My Years in Paris offer a glimpse at a changing world for gay men. White himself witnessed the rise of the gay right's movement, was a part of the Stonewall Riots and a member of The Violet Quill.

White’s biography states, “It is as a cultural critic that White has perhaps had his greatest influence.  Urbane, knowing, sophisticated, he has chronicled gay life in the seventies through the nineties with wit and insight…. The cumulative effect of White’s presence simultaneously within so many different genres was to begin to define, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the parameters of ‘gay culture’ whatever that entity might be.”  Additionally, Edmund White’s work recounted and recorded the era of AIDS in a way that is direct, honest, and poignant, and his work continues to resonate with and inspire contemporary readers.



His tales capture of part of history that is often removed for the younger generation of the LGBT community so his Thursday, February 6 book reading at Vanderbilt University is a requisite event for the Nashville LGBT community.

White will speak Thursday evening at 7 p.m.. in Room 101 at Butrick Hall. 

1) Her HRC

​If you didn't get your tickets for this incredible night of song and community ahead of time, you might just be out of luck. HRC sources tell us there is a very limited number of tickets reserved for sales at the door but stress the very limited part. And we're not surprised that this sold out especially when Gay Fave favorites Jen Foster and Steff Mahan were on the bill.

Her HRC, a night with 8 singer-songwriters, takes place at Lipstick Lounge on Friday, February 7. The event starts at 7 p.m. and if you want tickets, we suggest getting there way earlier than that! Hmmmm, maybe even camp out? It'll be worth it!