2006 July


Checked out the “Out on The Deck Humane Society Benefit” at Ann and Bev’s. The scheduled artists included Bonnie Baker, Linda Miller, and Tammy Fowler. Jill King came on as a surprise guest later in the evening. It was a great night for an outdoor concert, and there was quite a turnout for the event.

Kathy Scott (who, by the way, is nominated along with Jen Foster for an “Out Award,” for their song, “The Underdogs”) played percussion for Bonnie Baker. Baker is an award winning songwriter for ASCAP and wrote the country song “Ordinary Life” a few years back.

I would also like to mention a place in Franklin, Ky., called Kentucky Downs. For those of you not familiar with it, Kentucky Downs is a place you can go to place bets on horse racing. Once every September they also have live horse races, but throughout the rest of the year you can place cash bets while you watch the races on one of the many television screens throughout the building. I have even had some luck there recently. Of course, I don’t bother with all that “handicapping horse stuff.” I place my bets by omens and instincts! After all, is there really such a thing as a “sure thing?” If you are someone that likes to do the occasional gambling, across the street from Kentucky Downs is a Bingo Hall and down the street is the store where you can purchase lottery tickets. However, I would like to warn you – this is a DRY COUNTY – so if you’re planning to have a drink or two in between bets, you just might want to pack a cooler. Don’t these people know that drinking and betting go together?

Till next time…