2006 January


Ahh, breathe in the newness of a new year with me, while I tell you about what I did to finish off the past year. Caught the play “A Tuna Christmas” at TPAC. It was excellent! Joe Sears and Jatson Williams are extremely talented and quite funny. They played quite an array of characters, which I am sure most of us can relate to. Although, I really enjoyed the “PMS daughter character,” I certainly could NOT relate to that type of behavior. (As I am sure MOST of you know about me, right?)

The TEP Tree Lighting Party was another fun Holiday gathering. It was held at Outloud! Bookstore. There was free wine, beer and munchies, who ever would have thought about getting loaded while browsing a bookstore!? I am here to tell you that it did make it quite difficult to find “The Path Less Traveled” (which I spent most of the evening sitting quietly in the corner reading). Regardless of what you may have heard, that wasn’t ME trying to order that Long Island Ice tea from Joe at the counter.

Then, there was the “family” Christmas Party. Now, please note, when I say family I am referring to the family of choice, our gay brothers and sistas. Which leaves me to question this fact, WHY are we still as dysfunctional as our BIRTH family? The Dirty Santa Game proved to be just that, even when we TRIED to clean it up and play, Good Santa/Bad Santa. The good presents had us brawling on the kitchen floor trying to steal them from each other!  And, the bad presents had us throwing them back at each other! Ok, while I MAY be exaggerating just a bit, it still was not a pretty sight. But, hey…twas the season.

Maybe we should put that on our New Years Resolutions, for this year, I don’t know something like, “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR” (or at LEAST the family of choice).

till next time…