2005 May


We did the Nashville Cares’ “Dine Out For Life” event. We chose Granite Falls (now that I think about it, I didn’t see any falls like I expected, hmm…) The menu was a little left of center, but tasty nonetheless. Ms. Brown ordered the Rattlesnake Chicken, which I am sure, if you use your imagination, you will know where it got its name. It was a SPICY that strikes you as soon as you put it on your tongue. I must say, knowing Ms Brown as I do, it was hard for me to believe that she would eat that spicy dish, which goes to show you how well I really know Ms. Brown, huh? While its listed ingredients included tequila and jalapeno pepper, I think it must have also been garnished with a dash of GUNPOWDER! KABOOM! Lil’ Tina was surprised when she tasted what she thought were mashed potatoes only to discover that they were SCALLOPED potatoes. HOW DARE THEY! Don’t they realize she’s strictly a meat and REAL potato girl?

I also caught the Cathey Stamps’ Birthday Bash. It was an amazing night of talent. She had several musician friends performing her tunes. It was great to hear the different renditions of Stamps’ songs. Diana Jones’ version of, “Voodoo Doll” was way cool! Also, in the line up was Wall of Jules (always amazing). Fink is like a mix between Bette Midler and Elayne Boosler, only more powerful because she is an excellent guitar player, and she is all this rolled into ONE woman. With Steff Mahan, who did an outstanding job as emcee, Colleen McFarland, Tammy Fowler, Annie Mosher, Chely Tacket, 3AM , and more, it was quite an array of talent. I had to leave before the finale (that damn day job keeps getting in my way of my freedom to express!) so there may have been even more surprises. I guess you would have had to be there, as would I, huh? People, people … I give and I give.

Till next month … stay tuned.