2005 April


The HRC Dinner was a smashing success, if you ask me (and you didn’t but when did that ever stop me?). I went as Renee’s date, since poor Nina had that nasty flu-like illness that was going around. I am glad that I went; there is so much to tell.

Well, for starters, I was sitting at the lovely Robin’s table, sandwiched between Emmy Lou and Ashley Judd! Whoo Hoo! I don’t think I could have planned it any better. At one point Katy and Pam came by looking for Ashley’s table, and I showed them it was right next to mine. I think I saw [[[her Who??]]] brush a tear away, when she said, "How did you get such a good seat!" Let me just say, when you go out with Renee, she knows how to treat her dates! Although I can’t say much for our eyesight, but that shampoo we put on our hands for lotion was still working the next morning! (My hands are soft and show no signs of dandruff!)

The food was fantastic and I was full ! I just want to make sure that is known after my little complaint from the last time I went.

As far as the speakers go, anyone who knows me realizes that I have a short attention span, that’s why I haven’t gone into politics yet! I will say that Reverend V.H. (Sonnye) Dixon kept my attention. He was riveting. That night, he accepted the 2005 Equality Award. Ashley Judd spoke about her work with Youth Aids. I have to admit, that she did go a little long, (for me, folks–calm down) but…we can forgive her, cause she looks good doing it! The Community Leadership Award went to Terry Carr-Hall, cofounder of Provence Breads & Cafe in Hillsboro Village , who shouted from the stage, among other things, "I am glad to be a gay baker!"

I checked out the "After 5" Women’s Social Dinner; it appeared to be quite successful. There were about 25 women and dinner at "Buca di Beppa." What is not to like about that? Well, besides the bill! It’s a great way to meet other interesting women and come out of your shell. Marsha and Liz do an excellent job of getting it together and hosting the event. They meet once a month, at different restaurants around town. And, if you just want to cook for me, well you know how to get in touch with me. Drop me an email.

Till next time….