‘Zoologies’ opens at Bongo Java Theatre


Local playwright, Christine Mather, has brought to the stage at Bongo After Hours Theater at Bongo Java her latest work entitled "Zoologies," a satyrical statement on the current world and its affairs seen through the eyes of humans and animals alike.

Trouble arises in trying to distinguish between the human characters and the animal characters, which seems to be precisely what Mather was going for, as humans and animals are not portrayed very differently.

Through a series of six vignettes, current politics are challenged and hilarious statements are made about the state of the world and its affairs.

Marc Mazzone, local actor and director, has assumed both roles in "Zoologies," bringing us a handful of wonderful performances from himself and the other seven players.

"The show is very juicy…very lively because of what Marc has done with it," says Mather.

All of the players are local, and some have worked together in the past through local theater companies such as People’s Branch Theater and Boiler Room. And all of the actors give charming and moving performances.

As the play travels around the world to exotic zoos, usually in the aftermath of some turbulence or tragedy, we see such characters as an unknown stranger in a burka giving a monologue about zoo life prior to 9/11, three bears aimlessly dreaming of food after the Bosnian conflict, two Hurricane Katrina victims trapped on a rooftop with an alligator circling them and more colorful characters worth checking out.

Mather and Mazzone are currently in discussion about performing "Zoologies" at other theaters and venues, so keep your eyes peeled for "Zoologies." It’s a truly charming and quite enjoyable theater experience.

Tonight is the last performance of "Zoologies," so call a friend and head to Bongo Java, 2007 Belmont Ave. The show begins at 7:30.