Yes, that was Troye Sivan you saw at Play

troye sivan and the princess pre hrc dinner for web.jpg

Nobody was more surprised than The Princess herself Friday night when Australian superstar Troye Sivan showed up at PLAY Dance Bar. 

Sivan is in town, it is rumored, to participate in this year's HRC Dinner. 

The winner of a number of GLAAD Media Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, and Teen Choice Awards, Sivan's latest single is called "My My My."  Coming up later this week, we'll be giving away copies of the remixes.

It was that very song that The Princess performed Friday night when, according to this video from Twitter, Troye approached the stage and, tip in hand, said, "That's my song!"

DJ Phil caught a few photos, and The Princess posted another from backstage on Instagram (see photo at top).