Ye olde Bear Faire comes to Music City


This year’s Music City Bears “Bear Jam” will travel back to the age of chivalry in a Renaissance Fair themed event titled “Ye Olde Bear Faire.”

Bear Jam is the Music City Bear’s annual Bear Run, and the organization hopes to double if not triple, this year in scope and in attendance. This is The Music City Bears single largest annual fundraising event, which will benefit Nashville CARES, an education, advocacy and support organization for those affected by HIV/AIDS. This event also gives bears, bear admirers and bear community vendors from all over the world a chance to meet and celebrate the bear community.

Priced to make it accessible to all, this year’s event features some exclusive events for registered participants, as well as events open to all. The Bear Jam schedule of events include: welcome cocktail party, Ye Olde Bear Faire (at The Chute Nashville), Bear Faire Picnic and Concert, Nash-Trash tour on the Big Pink Bus, and free time to explore the great tourist attractions and GLBT businesses of Nashville. The centerpiece of the event will be a live musical entertainment produced by Nashville’s Freddy Freeman of Bearapalooza Productions, which will include performances by eight well-known bear singer/songwriters from around the country.

Holiday Inn Express in downtown Nashville is the host hotel for this year’s event, 920 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203. Reservations can be made online at Room rate is $89 for up to five people per room. The hotel’s number is 615-242-6310; the event group code is MCB and the IATA number is 99503740.

Contact Music City Bears with any additional questions at 615-218-4473 or via
email at Details available online here.