Woolley lands summer internship on ‘The Daily Show’


Belmont senior and journalism student Joe Woolley has gained a rare opportunity to become an active participant in the history of television journalism by serving a six-week summer internship with Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show”.

Currently at the top of its popularity, the Jon Stewart hosted mock-news program is regarded as one of the most sought after media internships in the nation. The first ever graduate through Belmont’s New Century Journalism Program, Woolley will serve six weeks at “The Daily Show” and then another four weeks on “The CBS Evening News” when “The Daily Show” goes on hiatus.

The 24-year-old Wooley will further be a part of history as Katie Couric becomes the first ever sole female anchor of “The CBS Evening News”. Wooley was the top pick out of 863 applicants from around the nation and as such was allowed to choose where he would serve his internship before anyone else. Wooley admits that “The CBS Evening News” was his first choice in no small part due to Couric’s transition onto the show, but he felt inclined to take “The Daily Show” once he learned that the position was open. According to statistics more people between the ages of 18-34 get their news from “The Daily Show” than any other media outlet currently available.

A Native of Idaho, Woolley has been active in several GLBT political organizations since his relocation to Nashville upon graduating from high school, including the Human Rights Campaign, Tennessee Equality Project (TEP) and is President of the College Democrats and the James Madison Society at Belmont University .  In 2004 he traveled to Boston to the Democratic Convention and worked for the Kerry campaign on GLBT issues.