With thanks to Kickstarter and active supporters, Cheley Tackett produces a fan favorite

cheley tacket music video for web.jpg

A release party at Lipstick Lounge, just days after National Coming Out Day this year, drew a wall-to-wall packed house of fans and supporters. Many wore t-shirts emblazoned with one of the song’s signature lines: “Love who you love.”

Until last year, Cheley Tackett's "Right Side of History" remained unrecorded. It was written in 2012 as part of YouthSpeaks Nashville, in which performers were asked to create a work envisioning what they hoped for the future. Since that time it had become a fan favorite at her live shows.

Upon the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark marriage equality ruling last summer, Tackett launched a Kickstarter funding campaign to help pay for a professional recording of the song with a full band. The campaign drew more than eighty backers, who donated double the amount needed for the record in less than 48 hours. The extra funds paid for the video, which was released last week.

The video, which features families of all types joyfully sharing their love, was filmed at Nashville’s Bicentennial Park in January and July of this year. "The contrast of the two seasons, as well as the park’s massive spinning globe, perfectly captured the momentous sense of change this song describes,” Tackett said. “And given what’s going on in our country today, I believe we could all use a little more love.”

“The fight for equality and efforts to end bullying weighed heavy on my mind,” Tackett said. “I asked myself what I wanted for the future, not just for Nashville, but for all of humanity. Turns out, this song was my answer.”

Watch the video here.