Where have all the gay clubs gone?


I live in Murfreesboro and made one of my rare trips into Nashville last week. I read and enjoy your paper. At 52, I have lived in the Nashville, Franklin and Murfreesboro areas most all of my life. I went to the Nashville clubs back when the Jungle, Juanita’s, the Other Side, the old Cabaret and the Tool Room were in existence. When last call was yelled, we would all head over to Malone’s Diner until the sun came up. I noticed you include Clarksville along with four major Tennessee cities on your banner. I can remember going into the Clarksville club years ago, with all those hunky Fort Campbell soldiers and cute Austin Peay boys.

My question is this: why doesn’t Murfreesboro have any clubs? I have lived here now for a year (went to college here eons ago), and you would think with a population of 80,000 (larger than Clarksville), and an MTSU student population of 37,000 (larger than UT Knoxville now), there would be a club here. There are no rainbow flags flying, no legitimate bookstores, and as far as I know, no organized gay group on MTSU campus. I do know there are a lot of gay guys and lesbians in the ’Boro, and when I ask, they all seem despondent and in great want of a club they can call their own here. It might be a good story to pick up and find out what makes this city so ignorant of its large gay population. I will lend my two cents if you think it would make good reading.

Terry Mayo