When it comes to HIV – do ask, do tell


If people who are infected with HIV would disclose their status and gay cruise sites would not allow "anything goes" as a category for stating safe sex preference we could all rest easier.

Most of the victims of AIDS in our community fell prey to lust and let their guard down assuming that the guy they were having anal sex with was HIV negative. As soon as someone becomes HIV positive they are informed it is a crime to engage in sex with others without disclosing their status. As much as it is ignorant to not practice safer sex it is ignorant not to chastise our community for not insisting HIV positive gay men quit spreading the virus. The heat of passion is not an excuse for passing this virus.

We are so worried about ostracizing the HIV positive people that we do not engage smart protection for the gay community. Are our safe sex campaigns encouraging HIV positive people to continue having sex, is our message “everyone is infected always use protection” infecting more people?

I see men in I know are HIV positive and they do not list that in their profiles as they are cursing in online. Are they thinking it’s “don’t ask don’t tell?” They think well if this guy doesn’t ask me then he must not care or be positive himself. What can our Community do to slow the spread? Can we insist that HIV positive gay men quit spreading the virus? Should there be internet police to monitor positive people who do not disclose?

Our first amendment allow us to kill ourselves by acting irresponsibly in the heat of passion but does not allow the knowingly action of risking someone else’s life by having unprotect sex without informing their partner. I know we should all always wear rubbers, but that is not the case if you will look at Adam4Adam and Manhunt etc…

There are thousands going for bareback sex like it’s nothing and HIV positive men having sex with them continuing the madness. As a Community we should focus on what will stop the spread and internet sex sites are part of our madness. It seems to me HIV positive guys are thinking if my trick doesn’t ask, I won’t tell…

We’re more concerned for the people infecting us then we are for our personal safety as a Community as a whole. Our methods seem back asswards! I do not advocate no compassion for the infected just a since of decency and intelligence in dealing with those continuing to spread the virus. What can be done?

Nashville, TN