What Are Your Favorite LGBTQ+ Books from Your Quarantine Reading List?

Man standing in bookstore with curvy shelves
Photo by Mark Cruzat from Pexels

The pandemic has been long, and many of us have discovered new hobbies, or reconnected with old ones. I for one have seen so many people in my friend groups rediscover reading, embracing their hunger for good books. So now that we are coming up on a year of isolation, what LGBTQ+ themed or authored books have lit your fire? As we enter year two, where should our readers focus their literary attention, while showing the love to LGBTQ+ products so that publishers keep feeding us great stories?

So far, 2021 is looking to be a good year for LGBTQ+ representative storytelling. Watch our pages for more books like This Is How We Fly, which came out at the end of 2020!

Some people really love self-published stories, while others want the polish traditional publishing brings. WE HAVE DIVIDED INDIE-/SELF-PUBLISHED from books from TRADITIONAL PUBLISHERS. These will be used to create two separate reading lists. We look forward to hearing, and sharing, your favorites!